Interesting facts about velour carpet

What is a velour?

A velour carpet consists of a fabric, whereby the loops made for the time being are later separated again. This means that the velour carpet is made like a sling carpet and in the next production process they are then cut open and shaved again. This creates the velvety surface of the velour carpet. The word velour means translated, velvety, which has its French origin. The soft surface of some velour carpets produces a shading caused by the flor. Thus, a slight color variation is caused by stroke direction, light incidence and movements. With each carpet, this effect is of varying degrees. Thanks to this shading, a carpet looks classy and high-quality. It makes a room look cozy and homely.

Did they know that most carpets in a car are velour carpets. The Velours Carpet Car is very popular for this purpose as it is versatile. It is easy to care for and can withstand.

What does velour actually mean?

Velours comes from French and means velvet. This type of carpet is very soft and velvety due to its manufacturing process, hence the name for this carpet quality. Velour’s flooring is a very fine type of carpet, which impresses with its wide range of colours. Whether monochrome, structured, as a melange, patterned or colour printed – the choice is enormous. Velour carpet flooring is a great design element with which you can create a great effect.

Cleaning of velour carpet

The floor coverings must be cleaned regularly like any other. By sucking the carpet once a week, this is enough for the velour carpet care. You can use both brush sides of the vacuum cleaner as the velour carpet has no loops. In the case of a sling carpet, however, you must make sure that you only suck with the smooth brush side of the vacuum cleaner. It could be that the loops become fringed. As a result, it can no longer look as good as new in the long run.

remove carpet images

Remove carpet: This is how it works

If best сarpet for stairs can no longer be saved with thorough cleaning, it will sooner or later have to be removed – either to lay a new carpet or to replace it with another floor covering. In the best case, removing the carpet is quick and easy, but in some cases it involves more effort – depending on how the carpet is glued.

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You can easily determine the type of bonding yourself. First, however, the skirting boards must be removed, provided they cover the carpet. These are usually glued to the wall or attached with small nails. In order to remove them, it is usually sufficient to gently remove them from the wall with a spatula and remove it.

Now try to loosen the carpet at a corner from the ground. If the carpet only adheres to the edges, it is probably glued with carpet tape. With a spatula, the adhesive tape can usually be easily loosened; if necessary, you can help with solvent. The adhesive residues should then be removed from the floor with the spatula before a new floor covering is laid.

If the carpet adheres not only to the edges, but to the entire surface, it is glued with a liquid carpet adhesive. With the water sample, you can find out if it is water-soluble glue or a more stubborn synthetic resin adhesive: just wet a corner of the carpet well and let the water act for 1-2 hours. If the carpet can then be easily removed, this is a good sign – the glue is water soluble and can be easily removed. To do this, wet the entire carpet, e.g. with a watering can, and gently remove it after a few hours.

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If the carpet cannot be detached after soaking, it is glued with synthetic resin adhesive. Only raw violence helps here: Cut the carpet into strips about 40 cm wide with a carpet knife and tear them off the floor with your hands or pliers. It is best to start in a corner and work your way from the wall to the middle of the room. If the carpet cannot be removed in this way, a so-called stripper, an electric tool with a blade, helps, which also removes heavily glued carpets from the floor. Strippers can be borrowed in most DIY stores.

Fitted carpets

Among other things, there are not only velour carpets, but also a velour carpet made to measure. Through our machines, we cut your velour carpet especially for you. After this process, our employees can chain the velours carpet by using the chaining machine to attach a clean chain bar to the outer edge. This results in a clean rounded image. We even manufacture different and diverse shapes and sizes according to your wishes. Tiles, stairs or funny elephant motifs. Just write to us or give us a call. We will be happy to help you find the right desired size or the special shape for your selected carpet.

The applications of velour carpet

This cantilede is durable and easy to maintain. Here you get a great carpet in different qualities with little effort. The Velours Carpet is suitable for a wide range of areas. We carry a variety of different velour carpets, including the Vorwerk Carpet Velours Carpet for commercial use. Take a look around the category of trades. All the criteria for a trade carpet have been met. The Velours Carpet can also be used for many other rooms and is therefore versatile. The offer of Velours Carpets Vorwerk alone offers a wide selection. From children’s room area to commercial area. Different quality strengths, colours and patterns show a wide range of products, in which everyone will make their right choice. Colorful bold colors or dark velour rugs black with white dots in petticoat style, ornate princess landscapes, boys’ play carpets from space or creative velour design carpets Orient patchwork for the living area. The Velours carpet offer is very large and versatile.