About me

I am Kasina Flunik and deal with all health issues around the topic of knee joints. The impetus and motivation for this medical and rehab blog was a knee operation eight years ago and its consequences. Since then I have been running my personal marathon. A goal not in sight. The blog name “Velours Carpet” – Nomen est omen.

My professional background is based on a completed psychology degree with a focus on sports psychology as well as various training courses in the field of coaching, rehabilitation sports, nutrition, fitness and personal training. I worked as a seminar manager, sports and exercise therapist and unfortunately had to give up my job as a trainer in the field of outdoor training. Since then, I’ve been more of a knee-jerk sports – and still a knee patient .

The credo of my long sporting “thirst track”, setbacks but also successes is: “The goal must be in mind, because the horizon only promises infinity.”