Clean the carpet properly

To ensure that you enjoy your carpet for longer, it is important to clean it regularly. Over time, dirt particles, dust and mites settle in the carpet and allow it to age faster. Therefore, it should be cleaned every one to two days if possible. In addition to daily cleaning, experts also recommend an intermediate and a basic cleaning. Then the carpet lasts at least seven years.

clean the carpet
The daily carpet care contributes to its preservation of its value and ensures that the floor covering looks appealing even after a long time. Since dust and dirt particles in the air settle on the carpet pile and store them deep in the fibers during irregular cleaning, it is important to prevent this process by regular dust ingeuation. The binding of the house dust makes the carpet more allergy-friendly than other floors on which dust is only applied and whirled up.

image clean carpet Intermediate cleaning is used for partially polluted surfaces, such as in the entrance area. Here, a cleaning powder is sprinkled onto the carpet, massaged in with a brushing machine and extracted again after drying. However, the most effective and effective way to clean a carpet is to clean the floor. A specialist uses a spray extraction machine to foam a cleaning agent, massageit it into the top of the carpet and suck it off again. After drying, a brush vacuum cleaner must be re-sucked in.

It is best to remove stains such as red wine, chocolate or roast sauce immediately. Once stains have dried up in the carpet, they can react chemically with the fibres. The unsightly result would be a permanent stain on the carpet. Therefore, it is recommended to have extraction cleaners and stain removalins in the house that are tailored to the carpet. This way, most stains can be removed from the carpet.